Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Geo Holicat Barbie Cat in Hazel

Hi everyone! It's Emily here and today I will be reviewing my new contact lenses that I got from I got the Geo Holicat Barbie Cat in Hazel. I absolutely love these contact lenses! The color matches perfectly with my skin tone. 

I ordered from and they gave me free contact lenses along with my contacts. The contacts were nicely packed. Seen in the photo below. 

Usage Modality:  Monthly Disposable
Base Curve:  8.7 mm
Diameter:  14.5 mm
Water content:  42%

Now for some photos! 

I didn't want my eyes to look that big in the first place since I was looking for a more natural lens look. I thought that these looked very natural on my eyes. It was not too big since the diameter was 14.5. However when you view the comparison photos there is a huge difference so I guess the enlargement is great. 

On me these lenses looked very natural since it matched with me. However these are not contacts I would wear everyday. People will definitely notice you when you wear these because they make your eyes look so pretty! 

I thought these lenses were very comfortable. I would wear this everyday if I could. Normally when I wear contact lenses I have to take them out a few hours later but with this one I lasted with it on for the whole day. (which is not recommended so don't be like me take it off after around 8 hours max)

The shipping of the lenses were so-so. I would definitely buy from this site again though. As I mentioned at the beginning. I absolutely love these lenses and I will definitely buy this again. I have gotten so many compliments on them and it's only been a week!

My Rating:   

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