Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: Neons By OPI

Hi guys! So today I've decided to do a review on this brand-new OPI collection. They just came out with these babies a while ago and I fell in love with them ! Super bright neons for this upcoming summer! Okays, enough talking, let's get to it now!

Came along with this collection is their special base coat "Put a Coat On!" It's a color-boosting base coat which can be used to brighten up any of the polishes, just-in-case these neons aren't loud enough for your next mani or pedi.

In my experience, when I tried painting the base coat on, it was kind of difficult because if you're not careful enough it will form these little "holes" since the polish is not smooth so if you paint the neon polishes on, it will create different color spots. Maybe that's just me but it annoys me so much

These polishes are so bright that they make my skin tone looks tanner but that doesn't matter because they're super pretty! Here are my swatches for them! (Please excuse my ugly hand HAHA)

Please note that these polishes dry matte, once you put top coat on they get very bright and pretty! It's almost summer so why not and make a statement with these polishes! If you love neon yet still too scared to rock it, these are the perfect fit for you! Honestly, I feel weird weird wearing neon clothes too but with these I can add a little pop-up color in my look without looking too tacky ^^
You can find this collection now through select retailers, professional salons & spas. They are retailed for $4.95 each.
Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to drop a message if you have any questions!

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