Sunday, May 18, 2014

1) How do you guys run the blog together while living in two different states?
-We share the same account and take turns to post stuff. It works fine since we check in with each other a lot ^^

2) What camera do you use?
-Our Iphone 5s AHAHAHA ;__; We seriously need to get a real camera soon...

3)How do you edit your picture?
-Using photoshop and photo apps (what's on my phone post coming soon?)

4) Why did you start blogging?
-It was really out of the blue haha. One of the main reason is because we are both obsessed with makeup. We feel like it's good to try something new while we're young, kinda like making memories? We are so glad that we decided to do this, it's becoming a new hobby now! :D

5) What are your ethnicities ?
-We are both full Vietnamesea but we don't look like Vietnamese at all. Emily looks like White/European/Mexican, and I(Mai) look like Cambodian/Filipino. It's pretty weird.

6) Where do you guys shop?
-Literally everywhere, and I really mean EVERYWHERE.(UO,F21,Zara,HM,Pacsun,Ebay,Aliexpress,Romwe,Thriftstore,etc

7) Where do you usually buy your makeups?
-Sephora, Ulta, Drugstores, koreadepart, ebay(it's kind of risky since you can be scammed), amazon.

8) What are your birthdays?

9) What your blog's theme?
-We got it from SweetElectric! (:

10) Do you have a youtube?
-As of now, not yet. We are still too insecure to talk in front of the camera, but maybe one day? haha who knows ^^

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