Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Barbie Series)

Hello there! How have you been? Good? That's awesome to hear (: It's kinda weird since I'm talking to the computer (basically) but I'll pretend that you guys are here in front of me okay... Texas is so hot you guys... It's suppose to be fall right now! WHERE IS FALL? WHAT IS FALL? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! I just want to wear sweaters and have some hot chocolate already! I mean I could do that now but it would be weird. It's like 90 degrees here.

I'm getting too off topic. Sooooo my lovely circle lenses addicted readers, I bet y'all have seen these contacts before, right? I've got my eye on them for the longest time then Emily got it for me on my birthday! (Thank you bb<3) I've been wearing these non-stop ever since! I don't get tired of them at all!

Let's go on with the review now! (Why do I talk so much today???)

I'm so sorry guys, I forgot to take pictures when I unboxed the contacts so I can't show you what the packaging looks like... It came with the lens and a cute animal case!

Here are the pictures 

I look extremely oily in the flash picture hahaha... That's gross.

Brand: Geo
Origin: South Korea 
Usage Modality: A year
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water Content: 38%
Price : $23.90

The 15.0 mm is a little bit big for me. It really gives you the dolly look. However, if you are going for a more natural look I suggest you to purchase the smaller diameter lens.

I absolutely adore the color!!! A mixed of gray and yellow really make my eyes pop out.

Very comfortable at first but they do get a little bit dry after 4-5 hours but it's not to the point where I feel really uncomfortable.

I will definitely purchase other lenses from this site. I think I'll be wearing these lenses often! 
( I already do ahha!)

UMMMM Is it too early for Halloween? HAHA! I was at Ross and found this cute Little Red Riding Hood Wolf costume ^^ It was only $15!!!

I hope you enjoy this review and my random talks! See you soon! 


  1. Love grey contacts the most, I found them make your eyes look more shinny^^